Seanad Éireann - Volume 189 - 22 April, 2008

Order of Business (Resumed).

  An Cathaoirleach: We were dealing with the Order of Business and the Senator to whom I wish to speak is not in the Chamber at the moment. Therefore, the only thing I can do now is continue and ask the Leader——


  Senator Maurice Cummins: The Senator should withdraw the remark.

  Senator Joe O’Toole: The Senator should be named.


  An Cathaoirleach: At the moment, until the man is present, I would prefer to continue. I would prefer if any Member I am to name is present when I am doing so. I would not like to do it in his or her absence. I would like to give any Member, no matter who it is, an opportunity to——

  Senator Maurice Cummins: The Senator had the exact same opportunity as every other Member to attend when the bell rang.

  An Cathaoirleach: I would like to give the opportunity to any Member to withdraw a remark. I would like to do that, to be fair.

  Senator Liam Twomey: The sitting should be suspended for a further ten minutes.

  Senator Nicky McFadden: The Senator should be here.


  An Cathaoirleach: I am chairing this sitting. We will suspend for a further three minutes.

  Senator Donie Cassidy: I understand that Senator Jim Walsh is watching a playback of the proceedings in his office. As his office is a short distance from here——


  Senator Donie Cassidy: I will abide by the ruling of the Cathaoirleach with regard to the proceedings.

[222]  An Cathaoirleach: I will suspend the sitting until 3.55 p.m. I had a look at the playback myself. To be honest and fair — and I wish to be fair to everyone — I do not know if an apology was made. I could not hear, as other people were speaking.

  Senator Eugene Regan: It most certainly was not.

  Senator John Paul Phelan: There was no apology.

  An Cathaoirleach: I listened to it and am not sure exactly what happened. I would prefer to deal with the matter when the Senator is here. I will suspend the sitting again for another three minutes, by which time I hope the Senator will be here. If he is not, I will move on the issue then.

Sitting suspended at 3.43 p.m. and resumed 3.46 p.m.