Seanad Éireann - Volume 168 - 18 October, 2001

Business of Seanad.

  Mr. Cassidy: I propose an amendment to No. 5 on the Order of Business. Spokespersons will have ten minutes, all other Senators will have seven minutes and Senators may share time.

  Mrs. Taylor-Quinn: Ten minutes is insufficient for spokespersons on such a critical issue.

  Minister for Public Enterprise (Mrs. O'Rourke): I too am getting only ten minutes.

  Mrs. Taylor-Quinn: The Minister has had opportunities elsewhere and this is really not acceptable.

[427]   Mrs. O'Rourke: During the week, I informed the Seanad Office I had another meeting about the matter at 6 p.m.

  Mrs. Taylor-Quinn: One of the Ministers of State could come here in the Minister's place.

  Mrs. O'Rourke: I put back the other meeting to get this hour to be here. I wanted to come to the Seanad.

  Mrs. Taylor-Quinn: I appreciate it is a matter outside the control of the Minister.

  An Cathaoirleach: The Leader of the House has made a proposal and the House must decide on it.

  Mrs. Taylor-Quinn: Could we not make it 15 minutes for the spokespersons?

  Mr. Cassidy: I propose 12 minutes for spokespersons if that is agreeable to the House.

  An Cathaoirleach: Is that agreed?

  Mrs. Taylor-Quinn: Not really, but I suppose we have no choice.