Seanad Éireann - Volume 140 - 29 April, 1994

Order of Business.

Mr. Wright: Today's Order of Business is Items 1 and 2. All remaining Stages of Item 1 will be taken. There will be a sos between 1 p.m and 2 p.m. During the day the Whips can meet to discuss the situation.

Mr. Manning: We agree with the Order of Business. Anyone who saw the news on television last evening will never forget the anguish of Mrs. Margaret Browne on hearing the news of the murder of her husband. It was heartrending, uncomprehending, baffled anguish from a woman whose husband had been cold bloodily murdered for no other reason than that he was a Protestant. Yesterday we condemned the murder of people because they were Catholics. Since then two innocent, good people have been murdered because they were Protestants. Our condemnation and heart felt sympathy must go to their families and to the families of the nine victims of the past nine days. It is incomprehensible to us that 100 miles from here these barbaric, meaningless killings, which are without rhyme or reason, are taking place daily. None of us knows what can be done to bring the killing to an end. All we can do is send our sympathy to the families of the victims, little as it is worth, and hope the spirit, generosity and hope behind the Downing Street Joint Declaration will, even at this late stage, begin to make some impact on [456] the hearts and minds of those behind this long litany of senseless killing.

Mr. Wright: Unfortunately, the prediction made by Senator O'Kennedy yesterday has been proved right in that in the 24 hours since we met, and he spoke, more people have been killed. The House condemns out of hand what is happening in Northern Ireland.

Order of Business agreed to.