Seanad Éireann - Volume 94 - 04 June, 1980

Order of Business.

Mr. E. Ryan: It is proposed to take Nos. 1, 4, 5 and 2.

Mr. Cooney: Could the Leader of the House indicate to us the plans for next [570] week's sitting? I have heard that there may not be a sitting next week and that instead there may be a three-day sitting the following week. If that is the case, if I have heard correctly, I would like to enter a protest at the uneven flow of business coming to the House. It is a great waste of our time that we are not called upon at all next week and then have to sit for three days the following week. I would like to make that protest.

Professor Keating: Could we have the comments of the Leader of the House on that?

Mr. E. Ryan: At the moment the position is that it does not look as though there is going to be anything available for next week. I regret that. It is unfortunate that we should not have business next week but these things happen. At the moment it does not look as though we are going to have any business from the Dáil.

Mr. Cooney: The Turf Development Bill—could that not be taken next week? It has been on the Order Paper for the past three or four weeks.

Mr. P. Reynolds: And the Agricultural Bill.

Mr. E. Ryan: We could take that. It probably would not take more than an hour. It seems to be hardly worthwhile to meet for that Bill alone.

Mr. P. Reynolds: And the Agricultural Bill?

Mr. Cooney: The Agricultural Bill dealing with rates, the change in the rating position, will take more than an hour.

Mr. E. Ryan: It has not gone through the other House.

Mr. Butler: If the agricultural rates Bill goes through the House next Tuesday, could we sit on next Wednesday? I have a contribution to make on that Bill. I will not be here next Wednesday week. I am a good attender in the Seanad, and [571] I never miss a sitting, but that is one special day on which I shall be missing and I want to contribute.

Order of Business agreed to.