Dáil Éireann - Volume 1 - 11 March, 1921


The PRESIDENT said he had no written report. Anything he would have to say would simply cover the ground the Ministers would have to deal with, and he thought it better that he should stand aside till the Reports were read. The general situat on was unchanged. He was occupied in keeping in touch with the heads of the various Departments and in the organisation of foreign activities. There was one important question for them to decide after the Reports were dealt with, i.e., the acceptance of full responsibility for the acts of the Army. He did not think it right that their men should appear to be in the position of working as irresponsible forces. He thought it absolutely necessary that the Dáil should let the world know that they took full responsibility for all the operations of their Army. That would practically mean a public acceptance of a State of War. He did not think there had been such formal acceptance up to the present.