Dáil Éireann - Volume 630 - 31 January, 2007

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

Mr. Ring asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food when a person (details supplied) in County Mayo will receive their REP scheme payment; when was this application for payment received by her Department; when can they expect to receive their payment as the non-payment of their REP scheme payment is causing undue financial hardship. [1854/07]

  Mary Coughlan: Payment has been approved and the person named is likely to receive it this week.

Mr. Connaughton asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the reason a person (details supplied) in County Galway has not received their single farm payment for the years 2005 and 2006; if the applicant has been successful in getting an allocation from the national reserve; if so, the allocation entitlements that have been made; and when payment will be made. [1855/07]

  Mary Coughlan: The person named submitted an application for an allocation of entitlements from the 2005 Single Payment Scheme National Reserve under Category B.

Category B caters for farmers who made an investment in production capacity in a farming sector for which a direct payment under Livestock Premia and/or Arable Aid schemes would have been payable during the reference period 2000 — 2002. Investments can include purchase or long term lease of land, purchase of suckler and/or ewe quota or other investments. The person named applied under Category B(i) in relation to investment in leased land and has been deemed successful under this category and a formal letter of decision setting out the allocation due has issued to him. The relevant payment will [947] issue shortly. Payment of Entitlements due for 2006 will also issue shortly.

Mr. Ring asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food if a person (details supplied) in County Mayo applied for ewe premium in the years 2002 and 2003; and if so, their quota payment rates. [1856/07]

  Mary Coughlan: The flock owner did not make an application for the Ewe Premium Scheme in the years 2002 and 2003. A requirement of the scheme was that an applicant must use at least 70% of their quota each year. Failure to do so resulted in the quota being forfeited to the National Reserve.