Dáil Éireann - Volume 614 - 08 February, 2006

Written Answers. - Flood Relief.

  232. Mr. Gregory asked the Minister for Finance the work proposed for the river wall along the Tolka at East Wall Road, Dublin 3; the timescale for this work; if consideration will be given to increasing the height of the wall; and when this section of the Tolka from Annesley Bridge to the Railway Bridge will be dredged as a flood alleviation measure. [4561/06]

  Mr. Parlon: The River Tolka flooding study, completed in November 2003, identified no flood relief measures to be undertaken in the East Wall area. It was acknowledged that some low lying areas were flooded via the drainage system, which would be addressed by Dublin City Council as part of the greater Dublin strategic drainage study.

[690] Some of these issues were addressed in the Dublin coastal flooding protection project, completed in 2005. One of the recommendations contained in this report was that a section of the wall on the right bank looking downstream around Annesley Bridge was in poor condition with extensive vegetation throughout the general structure of the wall.

Following discussions with Dublin City Council, the Office of Public Works, OPW, has mobilised a crew on site this week to undertake the clearing of the vegetation and the repainting of the wall in this area. OPW has also requested the city council to provide a prioritised list of other works, identified in the Dublin coastal flooding protection project, which, when received, will be considered for funding under OPW’s budget for flood relief measures. Neither report identified dredging of the channel as an option but the issue of general maintenance of the channel will be considered by both OPW and the city council in future discussions.