Dáil Éireann - Volume 533 - 28 March, 2001

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

115. Mr. Ring asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development if a person (details supplied) in County Mayo is entitled to further headage and premia payments for 2000. [9197/01]

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (Mr. Walsh): The 2000 area aid application for the person named was randomly selected for inspection in accordance with EU regulations. The person named claimed a total of 21.25 hectares on his area aid application. Following the inspection an area of 18.83 hectares was determined. This represents a difference of 2.42 hectares or 12.85% between the area claimed and that determined.

Under article 9 of EU regulation 3887-92, the penalty is based on double the difference when the difference between area claimed and area found is between 3% and 20%. Therefore in this case a penalty of 4.84 hectares has to apply, leaving the area for payment purposes at 13.99 hectares. Payment of his entitlement under the 2000 cattle headage scheme, amounting to £713.80, has now been issued to him as has his entitlement of £884.34 under the 2000 suckler cow premium scheme. No penalties applied to these payments.

The 2000 extensification premium applications are currently being processed. A calculation of the stocking density for the person named will be [1015] completed and if within the stocking density requirement payment will issue in June 2001.