Dáil Éireann - Volume 526 - 15 November, 2000

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

[221] 175. Mr. Aylward asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development if he will review the application by a person (details supplied) in County Kilkenny under the suckler cow premium scheme who is now being paid for only three animals and he was informed three weeks ago that his application was in order. [25990/00]

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (Mr. Walsh): The person named applied for premium under the 2000 suckler cow premium scheme for small-scale milk producers on 30 May 2000.

For applicants not participating in an official milk recording scheme the number of cows eligible for payment is determined by dividing the milk quota by the notional figure of 876 gallons. As the person named held a milk quota of 25,504 gallons the number of notional dairy cows required to produce this quota was 25,504 divided by 876 equal to 29.11 cows.

The person named declared 32 cows and three heifers on his 2000 application. When 29.11 is deducted from 32 the number of eligible cows remaining is 2.89.

Under the terms and conditions of the 2000 suckler cow scheme applicants are eligible to include additional heifers up to 25% of their eligible suckler cows. The person named was therefore eligible for a total suckler cow grant of 3.6 cows (2.89 + .72 i.e. 25% of 2.89).

Accordingly the person named was paid a 60% advance of £319.24 on 20 October 2000.