Dáil Éireann - Volume 466 - 11 June, 1996

Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 30.

An Leas-Cheann Comhairle: Before coming to the Order of Business I propose to deal with a notice of motion under Standing Order 30 from Deputies O'Rourke, McDaid and Keaveney. I call on Deputy McDaid to state the matter of which he has given notice.

Dr. McDaid: I hope this will prove to be one of the rare occasions on which I might get a positive response to our request to move the Adjournment of the Dáil under Standing Order 30 to discuss the following extremely urgent matters — the impact on County Donegal of the decision of Fruit of the Loom to introduce short-time working for its 3,300 workers in the county; the steps the Minister for Enterprise and Employment proposes to take to offset that decision and to ascertain his proposals to chart a future for our clothing industry in general.

An Leas-Cheann Comhairle: Having [1642] been considered fully, the matter is not considered to be one contemplated by the relevant Standing Order. Therefore, leave cannot be granted to move the motion.

Dr. McDaid: On a point of order, may I add my name to those Members who seek a change in Standing Order 30 of this House? Since when has the future of in excess of 3,300 workers become so unimportant it cannot be discussed in Government time? I want my name added to those seeking the amendment of this Standing Order because it is of no use to this House.

An Leas-Cheann Comhairle: The matter has been selected for discussion on the Adjournment.