Dáil Éireann - Volume 446 - 02 November, 1994

Written Answers. - Public Health Agencies' Funding.

180. Mr. McCormack asked the Minister for Health if he will make good the shortfalls due to the loss of income experienced by each health board and voluntary hospital arising from the capping arrangements VHI in the financial years 1993 and 1994. [2529/94]

Minister for Health (Mr. Howlin): In the three year transition period which terminates at end February 1995, and follows from the revision of eligibility arrangements in 1991, my Department has centrally agreed with the VHI Board a level of total reimbursement for public health agencies in respect of all VHI subscribers availing of private facilities in public hospitals. This global figure has been allocated among the individual agencies concerned by my Department having regard to their income generation potential. As the basis on which the system has operated was communicated to agencies at the outset the issue of any further reimbursement from the Exchequer does not arise.

In the context of my Department's new regulatory role in the operation of the EU Single Market in health insurance it is no longer possible to continue this centralised system with one insurer. Consequently, it is likely that future reimbursement arrangements between VHI, or any other insurer, and the public agencies will be the subject of directly negotiated agreements between the parties concerned.

181. Mr. McCormack asked the Minister for Health the amount of shortfall for each health board in relation to the 1994 EU social fund; and if he will make good these sums. [2530/94]

Minister for Health (Mr. Howlin): There is no shortfall in the European Social Fund allocation for 1994. There [1566] has been a delay in payment of ESF funds because of ongoing discussions with the EU Commission on the Human Resources Operational Programme which is expected to be approved shortly. I have, however, made arrangements to advance equivalent cash amounts to health boards and voluntary agencies pending receipt of EU funds.