Dáil Éireann - Volume 446 - 02 November, 1994

Requests to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 30.

An Ceann Comhairle: Before coming to the Order of Business I propose to deal with a number of related notices under Standing Order 30 from Deputies John Bruton and Gilmore. I propose to call the Deputies in the order in which they submitted their notices to my office. I call first Deputy John Bruton to state the matter of which he has given notice to me.

Mr. J. Bruton: Sir, I request your permission under Standing Order 30 to move the adjournment of the Dáil to debate a motion requesting the Government not to nominate Mr. Harry Whelehan, SC for appointment as President of the High Court until an adequate explanation has first been given to the Dáil of the seven months delay in Mr. Whelehan's office in examining an extradition warrant for Father Brendan Smyth and a letter in the matter from the British Attorney General and deploring the inadequacy of the ministerial replies to date on this matter.

Mr. Gilmore: In accordance with Standing Order 30 I request leave to move the adjournment of the Dáil to discuss the following specific and [1366] important matter of public interest: the need for the Government to make a full statement on the circumstances of the seven months delay in processing a warrant for the extradition to Northern Ireland of Father Brendan Smyth, where he was wanted for serious sexual offences against children, and the need for the Government to defer any proposed appointment of the Attorney General to a senior judicial position until all aspects of the handling by his office of the extradition warrant for Father Smyth have been clarified.

An Ceann Comhairle: Having considered the matters fully I do not consider them to be contemplated by Standing Order 30 and, therefore, I cannot grant leave to move the motion.