Dáil Éireann - Volume 433 - 06 July, 1993

Written Answers. - EC Global Grant for Local Development.

70. Mr. Hogan asked the Minister for Enterprise and Employment if a global grant of 10 million ECU for local development has been approved by the EC; if an intermediary company named Area Development Management Limited [1140] have been appointed with responsibility for the management of the global grant; the precise role of this company in the decision-making and distribution of the fund in respect of local projects submitted; the nature of the projects that will be successful in their application for funding; the name of the directors of the above-mentioned company; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Minister for Enterprise and Employment (Mr. Quinn): The European Commission have agreed a global grant of ten million ECU for local development in Ireland. Area Development Management Ltd. (ADM) has been designated by the Irish Government in agreement with the European Commission as the intermediary responsible for the management of the global grant.

The purpose of the grant is to support the development of indigenous potential at local level. It will focus on measures which encourage and support local economic development initiatives, stimulate new economic activity, and support for local community-based socio-economic development. In particular, the grant will aim to support and tap fully local enterprise initiatives and to promote integrated economic, social and community development of local areas. It will aim to support the main forces of local development by providing funds to develop local leadership and capacity where required.

The procedures for use of the global grant are the subject of an agreement concluded between the European Commission and ADM, in agreement with the Irish Government.

ADM Ltd. publicised the availability of grant assistance for local community bodies through advertisements placed with the national press in early June and an extensive number of applications has been received. In selecting proposals for grants, ADM must, inter alia, respect the following guidelines:

(1) Eligible bodies are required to prepare an integrated area action plan drawn up in consultation with such other local groups and bodies, public agencies and local representatives of the social partners, [1141] as the eligible body sees fit. This plan will set out the basic strategy whereby it seeks to achieve its objectives of economic and social revitalisation in its area.

(2) The plan must also include a statement on executive capacity; on proposals for the implementation of projects; and on the consultation process whereby other local groups and bodies were involved in the preparation of the area action plan.

(3) Evidence of commercial relevance will be sought in respect of enterprise ventures, and the basis of the policies whereby individual projects are approved and selected locally must be established.

(4) In selecting proposals for support, priority will be given to quality proposals which aim to realise economic benefits and promote viable forms of economic activity and the qualitative upgrading of social activity necessary to improve the viability of the area.

The names of the directors of ADM Ltd. are as follows:

Michael McKenna

Department of Enterprise and Employment (Acting Chairman)

Philip Mullally

Enterprise Trust

Brian Geoghegan

Employer Organisation

Brendan Hodgers

Trade Union

Tom Curran

Farmers Organisation

Mary Dorgan

Area Partnership Companies

John Burns

Area Partnership Companies

Philip Watt

Area Partnership Companies

Anastasia Crickley

Community Workers Co-operative

Helen Landers

Community Development Projects

Bill Farrell

Irish Rural Links

Blaise Treacy

Local Government

Des Fahey

Business Innovation Centres

Terry Larkin