Dáil Éireann - Volume 433 - 29 June, 1993

Written Answers. - Education Sport Policies.

276. Miss Quill asked the Minister for Education the financial measures taken by her in order to reflect policies of social and gender equality in educational sport.

Minister for Education (Ms Bhreathnach): I presume that the Deputy is referring to the physical education programme in schools which has a sport content. Physical education is part of the official syllabus in the rules and programmes for [218] schools and as such is developed along lines of social and gender equality. While no specific measures are taken to reflect this policy the main support for the policy is in the provision of PE facilities and the payment of teachers' salaries.

In the context of the school based programmes of national governing bodies of sport, the policy relating to social and gender equality in such programmes is a matter for each independent voluntary national governing body of sport. The Deputy will be aware that many teachers contribute to these extra curricular sport programmes. As the term educational sport can have a very broad meaning it may be that the Deputy might wish to submit a more specific question should further clarification be required.