Dáil Éireann - Volume 426 - 23 February, 1993

Written Answers. - Ministerial Appointments.

73. Mr. Barry asked the Minister for Finance the number of advisers appointed to his office, their suitability for the job, and their background and training; if these positions were advertised; the contracts on which they were appointed; the amounts paid to each individual; and the role each, or any particular group, will play in formulating or implementing Government policy.

Minister for Finance (Mr. B. Ahern): One adviser has been appointed to my office having been retained since his appointment under the previous Government. He is a serving civil servant, and his suitability for the job stems from his background knowledge and training in the Civil Service and his ability to advise me on various matters which come for my attention. The position was not advertised. My adviser is governed by the usual terms and conditions which apply to civil servants. His present salary is £18,879 per annum. His role will involve advising me on any aspects of Government policy relevant to his expertise.