Dáil Éireann - Volume 377 - 02 February, 1988

Written Answers. - BCG Vaccination.

129. Mr. Molloy asked the Minister for Health the present position regarding BCG vaccinations in each health board area:

Minister for Health (Dr. O'Hanlon): The following is the position regarding BCG vaccination in each health board area:

Eastern Health Board

BCG vaccination services are provided on a routine basis at maternity hospitals, public health clinics and national schools.

Western Health Board

BCG vaccinations are offered on a two yearly basis to all pupils in 5th and 6th classes of national schools.

Neo-natal BCG is not given routinely except in specific instances e.g. where the family has a history of TB or where children are at risk. Medical students and hospital staff are also screened.

Midland Health Board

BCG is given to all children in 5th class at national school and to children at birth in special circumstances.

South-Eastern Health Board

BCG is offered at birth in hospital, at senior national school level and, on request, at BCG clinics which are held on a weekly and monthly basis.

Mid-Western Health Board

All new born babies are offered BCG vaccination. Clinics are held monthly.

[751] Southern Health Board

Neo-natal BCG vaccinations are offered to children as well as to older age groups at regular clinics. In appropriate cases, contacts of TB are also offered BCG, as well as persons going to Third World countries.

North-Eastern Health Board

BCG vaccinations are available at neonatal and primary school levels. In addition, people at risk through contact are also immunised.

North-Western Health Board

BCG vaccinations are carried out on all new born infants in all health board maternity departments. There is also routine tuberculin tests on all national school children, aged generally between 10 and 12 years and repeat BCG's given, if required. Neo-natals who because of early discharge from hospital may not have got the BCG are followed up at public health clinics which are held regularly. BCG is also given, on request, to people going abroad.

National BCG Policy

A study is presently being carried out by the Faculty of Community Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, on the age specific tuberculin conversion rates in children and when I have received this study I will review policy with regard to BCG vaccination.