Dáil Éireann - Volume 377 - 02 February, 1988

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Maintenance of Harbours.

5. Mr. Spring asked the Minister for the Marine the reason no communication has been directed by his Department to local authorities, outlining the importance of maintaining piers and harbours in local authority jurisdictions, to facilitate the expansion of our fishing and mariculture industries as outlined by the Government in the national plan.

Mr. P. Gallagher: Development of local authority harbours where warranted in the fisheries interest is part of an ongoing policy of my Department. During the past ten years developments at a total of 92 local authority harbours were grant aided by my Department.

In general development proposals are initiated by the local authority and a number of further proposals are on hands. Most of the maritime county councils have in fact set up fishery development committees.

I am satisfied that the local authorities concerned are well aware of the importance of developing and maintaining the piers and harbours under their jurisdiction which serve the fishing industry. In the circumstances I see no need to issue a directive in this regard.

Mr. M. Higgins: Will the Minister of State agree that the piers and harbours [653] referred to in the question constitute the basic infrastructure for the development of aquaculture and the jobs mentioned in the national programme, for achievement in aquaculture? Would the Minister not agree that it would be very useful if his Department who have assumed the responsibility for taking the initiative in job creation in this area issued a specific directive to the local authority rather than leaving it to chance for proposals to come from the local authority?

Mr. P. Gallagher: Quite a number of the local authorities have very vigilant fishery committees doing a very useful job. Many of them have submitted the names of numerous ports which require attention. It is not necessary to issue a directive, but if it were we would issue one.

Mr. M. Higgins: Will the Minister of State be in a position to publish a list of piers and harbours in the areas concerned, which are earmarked for development in the coming 12 months? Does the Minister agree that the association of those involved in aquaculture have communicated with his Department stressing the importance of the development of such piers and harbours and the importance of publishing the list for development for the coming year?

Mr. P. Gallagher: It is early in the year yet and there is a limited amount of money available to us. We will look at each case on its merits and take a decision on it.

An Ceann Comhairle: Question No. 7, please.

Mr. P. Gallagher: There is a long list and I do not want to give the impression that numerous harbours and piers will be repaired immediately. I want to be honest with the people and when the time comes a list will be available. If any Deputy thinks he has a case in his own area, the case will be looked at and his representations will be taken into consideration.

[654] Mr. Kenny: An bhfuil a fhios ag an Aire gur thit cuid mhór de Ché Oileán Chléire isteach sa bhfairrge aréir agus go bhfuil sé an chontúirteach agus go bhfuil sé an-phráinneach go ndéanfadh sé rud éigin faoi? B'fhéidir go gcuirfeadh sé scéala chugam chomh luath agus is féidir.

Mr. P. Gallagher: Is eol dom gur thit cuid den ché sin isteach san fhairrge. Tá a fhios ag an Aire nach bhfuil an scéal go léir agam go fóill, ach beidh sé ag teacht agus, ar ndóigh, beidh brú ag teacht ón Teachta féin agus ó mo chomhghleacaithe féin ar an dtaobh seo, an tAire Gallagher agus an tAire Flynn, agus na Teachtaí eile as Maigh Eo. Chomh luath agus a fhaighim scéal fá dtaobh de, déanfaidh mé mo dhícheall faoin cheist.

Mr. Molloy: An bhfuil a fhios ag an Aire go bhfuil an-droch chaoi ar ché Ard Mór agus an bóthar isteach chuig an cé sin agus go bhfuil an-úsáid á baint astu ag——

An Ceann Comhairle: Sin ceist speisialta.

Mr. Molloy: ——Emerald Fisheries agus seans nach mbeidh an comhalacht sin in ann leanúint ar aghaidh ar an suíomh sin mura ndéantar feabhas láithreach ar an mbóthar agus ar an ché.

Mr. P. Gallagher: Cén cé?

Mr. Molloy: Ard Mór, Carna, Contae na Gaillimhe.

Mr. P. Gallagher: B'fhéidir go bhfaighidh mé níos mó eolais ná an t-eolas atá le fáil anseo, agus is ceist speisialta é.

An Ceann Comhairle: Sin ceist speisialta.

Mr. P. Gallagher: Níl go leor eolais agam, ach b'fhéidir go gcuirfeadh an Teachta Molloy níos mó eolais chugam maidir leis an ché. Níl mé cinnte mar gheall ar an mbealach síos chuig an cé. Níl a fhios agam an bóthar contae é nó [655] nach é. Más bóthar contae é is dócha gur féidir airgead a fháil ó Chomhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe. Más bóthar nach bhfuil ar an chontae b'fhéidir gur féidir airgead a fháil——

Mr. Molloy: Bóthar contae é.

Mr. P. Gallagher: Os rud é go bhfuil an Teachta Molloy in a bhall de Chomhairle Chontae na Gaillimhe, is dócha go mbeidh sé ábalta airgead a fháil ansin.

Mr. Molloy: Is cuma leat.

Mr. P. Gallagher: Is tusa atá ag rá é sin, ní mise.

Mr. Kenny: May I ask one final supplementary please?

An Ceann Comhairle: Ar aghaidh le Ceist a 7.


An Ceann Comhairle: I am sorry, Deputy, the Chair must be obeyed at some stage.

Mr. Kenny: I appreciate that, a Cheann Comhairle, but my patience wears thin.