Dáil Éireann - Volume 364 - 20 March, 1986

Written Answers. - Arbitration Awards.

23. Mr. P. Brennan asked the Minister [2426] for the Public Service if he will give details of all arbitration awards signed by the arbitrator, but not yet paid.

Minister for the Public Service (Mr. Quinn): The information requested by the Deputy is as follows:

Special grade claims that have been signed by the arbitrator and not paid



Civil Service

(i)  Watch Supervisors (ATCO II) in Air Traffic Control Section

Allowance increased to average increment in pay scale 1-1-85

(ii)  Assistant Principal, Principal and analogous grades in the Civil Service

3 per cent from 1-1-86, 3 per cent from 1-7-86 (interim award)

(iii) Local Government Auditor, Department of the Environment

9 per cent (1983 PSPA phasing)

(iv) Assistant Regional Director, National Manpower Service, Department of Labour

Assistant Principal (standard) scale — 13.6 per cent at max (1983 PSPA phasing)

(v) Assistant Agricultural Inspectors

Engineer III scale awarded without first point — equivalent to average increase of 26.4 per cent (1983 PSPA phasing)

(vi) Executive Officers as acting Registrars in District Courts

Allowance of £600 to be paid in certain cases (1-1-85 and 1-1-86)

(vii)  Engineer Grade I

18.1 per cent at max. (1983 PSPA on 1-10-83, 1-9-85, 1-9-86)

(viii) Senior Supervisory Agricultural Officers

22.7 per cent average (1983 PSPA)

(ix) Higher Agricultural Officers on beef car-cass classification

£500 allowance (1983 PSPA from 1-9-84)

(x)  Supervisory Agricultural Officer on live-stock duties

25 per cent at max. (1983 PSPA from 1-9-84)

(xi) Foresters

15 per cent at all points (1983 PSPA on 1-10-83, 1-9-85, 1-3-86)


(i)  Teachers

10 per cent in two phases — 5 per cent from 1-9-85 and 5 per cent from 1-3-86

Health area

(i)  Health Board Fire Prevention Officers

Claimants pay to be related to that of Third Fire Officer, Cork Corporation, pending future claims

(ii)  Assistant Matron in Psychiatric Unit, Galway Regional Hospital

Payment of an allowance recommended (1983 PSPA phasing)

(iii) Maintenance Supervisors in health boards other than the Eastern Health Board

Increase in pay recommended (1983 PSPA phasing)

(iv) Night Superintendents and Night Sisters

Increase in night duty premium recommended in accordance with clause 4.7 of 1983 PSPA

(v) GMS Pharmacists

5 per cent increase in fees (1983 PSPA phasing from 1-6-84) and 50 per cent increase in advance payment (from 1-6-85) recommended

[2427][2428]Local Authorities

(i)  Civil Defence Officers and Assistant Civil Defence Officers

Increase in pay recommended (1983 PSPA phasing from 1-3-84)

(ii)  Town Engineers, Bray and Tralee

Increase in pay recommended (clause 4.7 of 1983 PSPA applicable)

(iii) Third Fire Officers, Cork Fire Brigade

Increase in pay recommended (1983 PSPA phasing from 1-1-84)

(iv) Rent Investigation Officers, Dublin Corporation

Upgrading recommended (1983 PSPA phasing from 1-7-84)

(v) County Development Officers (non-designated counties)

Pay parity with County Development Officers in designated counties (almost 15 per cent) recommended (1983 PSPA phasing from 1-10-84)

(vi) County Finance Officers

Phased increase of 15 per cent recommended (1983) PSPA phasing from 1-10-84)

(vii)  County Secretaries

Phased increase of 15 per cent recommended (1983 PSPA phasing from 1-10-84)