Dáil Éireann - Volume 346 - 14 December, 1983

Written Answers. - Radio and TV Signals.

305. Mr. Leyden asked the Minister [2221] for Posts and Telegraphs if he has any proposals to improve RTE radio and television signals in parts of Counties Cork, Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo and Donegal.

Minister for Posts and Telegraphs (Mr. J. Mitchell): The improvement of radio and television reception is primarily a matter for RTE. The quality of reception varies with distance from the transmitter, topography and the quality of the receiver used.

In general, radio reception on medium wave is somewhat impaired during the hours of darkness in areas more distant from the transmitters at Tullamore and Athlone. Reception of VHF radio and of television is generally satisfactory except in areas which are sheltered from the transmitter by mountainous terrain.

RTE say that they are proceeding to improve coverage by their services as quickly as their resources allow but it is not possible to deal with many isolated areas at the same time.