Dáil Éireann - Volume 346 - 14 December, 1983

Written Answers. - Work Preparation Units.

153. Mr. J. Leonard asked the Minister for Labour if he will consider setting up work preparation units similar to those in Northern Ireland.

Minister for Labour (Mr. Quinn): Activities similar to the work preparation units in Northern Ireland are already organised here. Firstly, there are the AnCO Community Training Workshops and the Community Youth Training Programme. The workshops provide basic training for young people who have left school with little or no education qualifications while the Community Youth Training Programme gives basic training and work experience to young people under 25 years on projects of value to the Community which would not otherwise be undertaken. Secondly, there is the grant scheme for Youth Employment administered by the youth section of my Department. Under the scheme, grants are made available for the employment of young people on desirable community works of a type which would not otherwise be undertaken in the normal course at present. Thirdly, there is the Work Experience Programme administered by my Department which gives participants experience of the world of work and increases their attractiveness to employers.

In 1983, I expect 20,500 young people to participate in the schemes I have mentioned. The numbers participating in these schemes — and indeed, on youth employment and training programmes generally — have increased significantly in recent years because of the funds becoming available from the youth employment levy.