Dáil Éireann - Volume 345 - 16 November, 1983

Written Answers. - Fuel Voucher Scheme.

[2553] 295. Mr. De Rossa asked the Minister for Social Welfare when it is proposed to introduce a national fuel voucher scheme as provided in the Programme for Government.

Minister for Social Welfare (Mr. B. Desmond): Two fuel schemes are in existence at present. There is the urban scheme which operates in 17 cities and towns mainly on the eastern and southern seaboards and is administered by the local authorities in those areas. There is also the national scheme for the rest of the country which is administered by the health boards.

Proposals for a single uniform scheme, which will apply throughout the country, are at present being prepared for submission to the Government and it is envisaged that the revised arrangements will apply from October 1984 at the commencement of the 1984-85 heating season.