Dáil Éireann - Volume 345 - 25 October, 1983

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - British Exclusion Order.

11. Mr. Kirk asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs if he will pursue the case of a person (details supplied) in County Louth, on whom an exclusion order has been served by the British Government [468] and who because of his proximity to the Border, is in danger of being arrested.

Mr. Cooney: This matter has been raised with the British authorities.

Mr. Kirk: Can the Minister say what the reply was to the representations made by the Department of Foreign Affairs?

Mr. Cooney: In accordance with precedent, representations and the reaction to them on matters such as this are confidential.

Mr. Kirk: Is the Minister aware that the individual involved, Mr. Liam Campbell, because of an exclusion order served on him and the doubt as to where the Border is in this area, is in serious danger of being arrested if he comes on to the roadway?

Mr. Cooney: I am aware that the position is uniquely anomalous having regard to where he lives and to the location of the Border which, I am advised, is the median line on the road in front of his house. I appreciate his apprehensions in this regard. However, the exclusion order was served on him on 22 July last and nothing has happened to him since then.

Mr. Kirk: Is the Minister telling the House that Mr. Campbell came on the the roadway since 22 July and was not arrested?

Mr. Cooney: I do not know what Mr. Campbell's activities have been since he came home but he has not been arrested. If the Deputy also bears in mind that we will be making representations, he might perhaps do a little addition.

Mr. Kirk: Will the Department of Foreign Affairs examine the Border at this point to ascertain where exactly it is and where this State's powers exist in relation to the particular roadway?

An Ceann Comhairle: That seems to be a different question.

[469] Mr. Cooney: There is agreement about the boundary line. It is the median line on the road in front of Mr. Campbell's house.