Dáil Éireann - Volume 344 - 07 July, 1983

Written Answers. - Capital Gains Tax.

598. Mr. R. Bruton asked the Minister for Finance if he will state in respect of capital gains tax (1) the number of assessments made; (2) the net tax payable as per assessment; (3) the number of cases from which tax was collected; and (4) the net receipt from the tax in 1981 and in 1982.

Minister for Finance (Mr. Dukes): (1) and (2): the number of capital gains tax assessments made in the year ended 31 December 1981 was 4,249 and the net tax payable was £23,541,550, or an average of £5,540 per assessment. These figures include estimated assessments which may be subject to substantial adjustments yet to be made and also include assessments made in 1981 for earlier years. Similar data are not yet available in respect of assessments made in the year ended 31 December 1982.

(3) and (4): The net receipt of the tax in 1981 and 1982 (in respect of all years of assessment) was as follows:

Year ended 31 December

Net receipt






Statistics are not kept in such a manner as to enable the number of cases making these tax payments to be provided. To obtain this information would require an individual examination of all capital gains tax returns for the years in question and such an examination could only be carried out at a disproportionate cost.

It should be noted that the information given relates only to capital gains tax. Under the Corporation Tax Act, 1976 the chargeable gains of companies arising from disposals made on or after 6 April 1976 are, in general, charged to corporation tax and not to capital gains tax. Statistics are not available which would enable the amount of corporation tax paid or payable on such gains to be given.