Dáil Éireann - Volume 295 - 08 December, 1976

Exclusive Fishery Limit: Motion.

Mr. Gallagher: I move:

That, consequent on the extension of the exclusive fishery limits of the State and having regard to the fact [380] that section 2 of chapter 3 of title II, Part Four of the Act annexed to the Treaty relating to the accession of Ireland to the European Economic Community and to the European Atomic Energy Community will be rendered inapplicable by the extension of exclusive fishery limits by all Member States, Dáil Éireann, being of the opinion that it is necessary to protect the livelihood of Irish fishermen, calls on the Government to make an order under section 3 of the Maritime Jurisdiction (Amendment) Act, 1964 restricting fishing in waters situated within fifty nautical miles, calculated from the baselines of the State, to vessels which operate from ports in the State.

Question put.

The Dáil divided: Tá, 53; Níl, 59.

Allen, Lorcan.

Andrews, David.

Barrett, Sylvester.

Brady, Philip A.

Brennan, Joseph.

Breslin, Cormac.

Briscoe, Ben.

Brosnan, Seán.

Browne, Seán.

Brugha, Ruairí.

Callanan, John.

Calleary, Seán.

Carter, Frank.

Colley, George.

Collins, Gerard.

Connolly, Gerard.

Crinion, Brendan.

Cronin, Jerry.

Crowley, Flor.

Davern, Noel.

de Valera, Vivion.

Dowling, Joe.

Fahey, Jackie.

Farrell, Joseph.

Faulkner, Pádraig.

Fitzgerald, Gene.

Fitzpatrick, Tom (Dublin Central).

Fianagan, Seán.

Gallagher, Denis.

Gibbons, Hugh.

Gogan, Richard P.

Haughey, Charles.

Healy, Augustine A.

Herbert, Michael.

Hussey, Thomas.

Kenneally, William.

Lalor, Patrick J.

Leonard, James.

Loughnane, William.

Lynch, Celia.

Lynch, Jack.

MacSharry, Ray.

Meaney, Tom.

Molloy, Robert.

Moore, Seán.

Murphy, Ciarán.

Noonan, Michael.

O'Connor, Timothy.

O'Kennedy, Michael.

Timmons, Eugene.

Tunney, Jim.

Walsh, Seán.

Wilson, John P.


Barry, Peter.

Barry, Richard.

Begley, Michael.

Belton, Luke.

Belton, Paddy.

Bermingham, Joseph.

Bruton, John.

Burke, Dick.

Burke, Liam.

Bvrne, Hugh.

Clinton, Mark A.

[381]Dockrell, Henry P.

Dockrell, Maurice.

Donegan, Patrick S.

Donnellan, John.

Dunne, Thomas.

Enright, Thomas.

Esmonde, John G.

Finn, Martin.

FitzGerald, Garret.

Fitzpatrick, Tom (Cavan).

Gilhawley, Eugene.

Governey, Desmond.

Griffin, Brendan.

Halligan, Brendan.

Hegarty, Patrick.

Hogan O'Higgins, Brigid.

Jones, Denis F.

Keating, Justin.

Kelly, John.

Collins, Edward.

Conlan, John F.

Coogan, Fintan.

Cooney, Patrick M.

Corish, Brendan.

Cosgrave, Liam.

Costello, Declan.

Coughlan, Stephen.

Creed, Donal.

Crotty, Kieran.

Cruise-O'Brien, Conor.

[382]Kenny, Enda.

Kyne, Thomas A.

L'Estrange, Gerald.

Lynch, Gerard.

McLaughlin, Joseph.

McMahon, Larry.

Malone, Patrick.

Murphy, Michael P.

O'Brien, Fergus.

O'Connell, John.

O'Donnell, Tom.

O'Sullivan, John L.

Ryan, John J.

Ryan, Richie.

Staunton, Myles.

Taylor, Frank.

Timmins, Godfrey.

White, James.

Tellers: Tá, Deputies Lalor and Browne; Níl, Deputies Kelly and Dr. O'Connell.

Question declared lost.