Dáil Éireann - Volume 291 - 25 May, 1976

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Cheshire Homes.

7. Mr. Haughey and Mr. Moore asked the Minister for Health if he will consider affording greater help to the running of the Cheshire Homes by way of paying on deficits rather than by capitation grants.

Mr. Corish: Payments from public funds are made available to voluntary organisations such as Cheshire Homes in respect of services provided by them for entitled patients referred for care by health boards. Payment is made at present by health boards by way of capitation payments. From time to time further payments have been made by the health boards towards revenue deficits, after full account was taken of other income of the organisations, including payments by private patients.

I have been considering the position of the Cheshire Homes generally and, in view of the special difficulties arising from deficits accumulated for past years in some of the homes, I have found it possible to make special additional funds available towards these deficits. The homes have been notified accordingly and detailed negotiations will shortly take place on the payments to be made.

Mr. Moore: Might I ask the Minister when they were notified of the increased grants?

Mr. Corish: I have not the exact date but I would say it was in the last week or two. I had representations to me, I think about two months ago.

[12] Mr. Moore: I do not think they were notified yet anyway.

Mr. Corish: They were. Representations were made to me by the Cheshire Homes themselves.

Mr. Moore: Would the Minister check that?

Mr. Corish: I am certain of it.