Dáil Éireann - Volume 286 - 11 December, 1975

Vote 22: Garda Síochána.

Minister for Justice (Mr. Cooney): I move:

That a supplementary sum not exceeding £604,000 be granted to defray the charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of December, 1975, for the salaries and expenses of the Garda Síochána, including pensions, etc.; for payments of compensation and other expenses arising out of service in the Local Security Force; for the payment of certain witnesses' expenses; [1433] and for payment of a grant-in-aid.

Mr. Lalor: In relation to the time for debate next week might I ask the Minister a question without introducing debate? We had the previous Supplementary Estimate for the Garda Síochána introduced and discussed in the House on the 29th October, six weeks ago, when the Minister explained at that stage that he had to wait until the end of September in order to have the expenditure returns for the first nine months of the year before an accurate Estimate could be framed regarding what amount of money would be required for the full year. He said this in the House on the 29th October, Volume 285, column 547. How does he justify coming back for a further Supplementary six weeks later when at that stage he said he had an accurate Estimate?

Mr. Cooney: If I were to answer that now I would be starting the debate, which the Deputy says he does not want to introduce at this stage. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.

Mr. Lalor: If there is a reasonable explanation for it we are entitled to receive it. We were promised by the Taoiseach that an effort would be made to give us an adjournment debate on Wednesday and Thursday next and the Minister comes in here and offers a discussion on Wednesday next.

Mr. Brennan: On Tuesday.

Mr. Lalor: He said on Wednesday a moment ago.

Mr. Cooney: I am agreeable to Tuesday if the Deputies prefer it.

Mr. Kelly: I do not want to prolong this but I think it was equally understood in the discussions which Deputy Lalor and I have had so far that we did not exclude the possibility that the adjournment debate, if held, would be occasionally interrupted to allow short discussions on other [1434] business which had to be finished before Christmas.

Vote put and agreed to.