Dáil Éireann - Volume 281 - 29 May, 1975

Ceiseanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Donegal Pier.

28. Mr. Blaney asked the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries the extent of the proposed improvements to the pier at Moville, County Donegal; and whether the new pier will extend as far seawards as did the old wooden pier.

Mr. M.P. Murphy: The improvements proposed for Moville Harbour envisage a new pier 159 feet long at its northern side, 147 feet long at its southern side and 61 feet wide at its outer end. This would give a total berthage space of 220 feet, at the northern side and outer end, as against 183 feet under the scheme originally agreed with the fishermen. I am at present considering a proposal for the provision of an additional 147 feet of berthage space at the southern side of the new structure.

The answer to the second part of the question is no.

Mr. Blaney: In regard to the latter part of the reply, despite what the Parliamentary Secretary has said, the berthage could not be as extensive as envisaged because the pier cannot be extended seaward——

Mr. M.P. Murphy: That is so but I think the scheme in hands will measure up to the fishermen's requirements. I was in Moville some time ago and saw the pier. It is a very poor type of structure but the repairs being carried out will go a reasonable way [1286] towards meeting local requirements. Further schemes are being examined. I mentioned in the reply that I am considering a proposal for an additional 147 feet at the southern side of the new structure. Perhaps I can meet Deputy Blaney in Moville when the present work has been completed and we can see what the position then is. I have a nice sketch of the pier here and I can assure the Deputy the Department are mindful of the need to provide proper facilities there and that steps are being taken, that work is under way and that further efforts will be made in the future to ensure that the people of Moville will get the facilities they rightfully deserve.

Mr. Wilson: All the fish will have gone by then.

Mr. Blaney: Is it proposed to build a sea wall at one end of the pier?

Mr. M.P. Murphy: I will give the Deputy that information.