Dáil Éireann - Volume 281 - 29 May, 1975

Ceiseanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Manufacturing Grants.

7. Mr. J. Gibbons asked the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries whether grants under the guidance section of EAGGF to certain manufacturing concerns in Ireland, from the 1973 budget year, have yet been paid; and, if not, why.

Mr. Clinton: No payments have yet been made by the EEC Commission to any of the applicants approved for grant-aid under the 1973 FEOGA projects scheme. Before such payments can be made successful applicants must submit to the Commission detailed claims based on certified expenditure. So far no claims have been submitted to the Commission but a number are in the final stages of preparation.

Mr. Callanan: Why have they not been submitted up to now? What is the cause of the delay?

[1269] Mr. Clinton: That is up to the people who are carrying out the various schemes. They are not finished obviously and they have not submitted their claims.

Mr. Callanan: Is it the people themselves or the Department?

Mr. Clinton: This is one thing the Department cannot be blamed for.

Mr. Callanan: I just want to know who is to blame.

Mr. Clinton: The people themselves.