Dáil Éireann - Volume 280 - 30 April, 1975

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Travelling and Subsistence Allowances.

9. Mr. Browne asked the Minister for Education why the increases granted to members of local authorities in travelling and subsistence allowances have not been applied to members of vocational education committees.

[784] Mr. R. Burke: Under the Vocational Education Acts a statutory instrument is necessary to give legal effect to increases in travelling and subsistence allowances payable to members of vocational education committees for attendance at meetings. The increases referred to in the Deputy's question have been authorised by me and the necessary steps are being taken regarding the preparation of the statutory instrument in this case.

Mr. Browne: Will the increases apply to the date already granted so far as these increases are concerned to members of other public bodies, county councils, boards of health and so on? I am asking the Minister if the increases will be retrospective to the same date as was granted to members of other local authorities?

Mr. R. Burke: That is a matter on which I would prefer not to be pressed at this stage. I would hope it would be but I do not want to give any guarantee.

Mr. MacSharry: Can the Minister state why county vocational committees are not included for travelling and subsistence allowances?

Mr. R. Burke: Because the Vocational Education Act has no specific provision so to extend it. I am seeking advice in regard to that particular matter on a legal basis.

Mr. MacSharry: How soon might the Minister have some information in this respect?

Mr. R. Burke: That depends on the person from whom I am seeking the legal advice. I am sure it will not be delayed too long.